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In 2000, our esteemed legislature passed a bill affectionately dubbed AB 885. This bill has passed review and iteration after iteration since passed. It is now preparing to go through the final procedures to create the regulations required to enforce the law AGAINST every California resident whose home or business is equipped with a septic system and/or domestic water well. The required public hearing process is underway and state officials are insuring little turnout by holding meetings capable of only a few people and with little or no notification. Even our County Board of Supervisors in Madera County only recently became aware of this law and join with us in opposition to it. If this law is not stopped or at least amended to minimize the negative impact, all of us with septic systems and water wells will pay the price.

We have reviewed the law as passed. We join with most Environmental Health professionals, County and Municipal health departments and concerned citizens in OPPOSING this legislation.

The legislation imposes strict investigative procedures, which will cost hundreds of dollars to inspect septic systems and water wells to obtain waivers to more expensive options.

We encourage each California resident to review AB 885 and aggressively oppose this legislation to your county and state officials, legislatures and even the governor. Passage of the controlling regulations will impose great hardships on Environmental Health Departments throughout the state mandating that they solve environmental problems with septic systems that the State of California has yet to show as fact.

Help us help you in opposing this legislation. You can review AB 885 at The law is unnecessary, redundant with existing environmental protections that make sense and assist the state in getting into our back pockets.

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Biological Technology is fully licensed by the California State Licensing Board. (License #477941).

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